Surgical Research Consultant

Throughout my professional career, I have been recognized as a results-driven, dedicated, and accomplished Surgical Research Consultant with a 22-year track record and extensive background in surgical research models, pre/peri/post-operative care of laboratory animals, surgical training, mentorship, training of technical staff, and authoring surgical sections of IACUC study protocols. I have the demonstrated background with a variety of animal models and species, including mice, rats, canine, rabbit, swine, non-human primates, feline, sheep, chinchilla, guinea pig, and ferrets. I also have successfully designed a nose cone to allow ventilating a rat without intubating and is commercially offered by two companies.

As a leader, I have trained, developed, and mentored team members. A key driver in my success has been applying my interpersonal skills to effectively interact and build partnerships with senior scientists, other  scientists, team members, leaders, vendors, study participants, and other third parties. As a consultant, I partner with biomedical surgical research scientists in developing new treatments for improving the lives of people and animals. Contact me to discuss your internal needs.



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