Surgical Technician for CV Surgical Research Lab


Texas Heart Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to delivering the future of cardiovascular health through exceptional patient care, discovery, and a commitment to learning.


Technician handles the instruments, supplies, and equipment necessary during the surgical procedure. He/she understands the procedure being performed and anticipates the needs of the surgeon. He/she has the necessary knowledge and ability to ensure quality patient care during the operative procedure and is constantly on vigil for maintenance of the sterile field. Applicant will be a great team player with excellent communication skills


Preoperative Duties are as follows:

  • Preparing and sterilizing instrument packs specific for the scheduled surgical procedure.
  • Gathers, checks and opens supplies and equipment needed for the surgical procedure.
  • Performs the surgical scrub, and donning gown and gloves.
  • Sets up the sterile tables with instruments, supplies, equipment, and medications/solutions needed for the procedure.
  • Assists the team members with gowning and gloving.
  • Assists with draping the patient and establishing the sterile field.

Intraoperative Duties are as follows:

  • Prepares and anticipates additional instrumentation, equipment and supplies for usage during the procedure.
  • Anticipates the needs of the surgeon by passing instruments and supplies to surgeon during procedure.
  • Must be able to help surgeons control a patient’s bleeding, apply sutures/staples and use suctioning equipment.
  • Maintains highest standard of sterile technique during the procedure.

Postoperative Duties are as follows:

  • Cleans and prepares instruments for terminal sterilization.
  • Assists other members of the team with terminal cleaning of room.
  • Assists in prepping the OR for the next patient.
  • Participates in debriefing and quality improvement practices to ensure quality patient care.

Additional Duties

  • Maintains the operating room.
  • Responsible for ordering supplies and maintaining files and records of procedures.
  • Assist with other procedures/duties as needed.


  • High school diploma is required
  • Surgical Technician license required
  • 2 years’ experience in OR preferred
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the proper names of instruments and all needed supplies.
  • Need to pay extreme attention to detail and remain attentive for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to collaborate with other members of the team.
  • Must be able to weigh options and choose the best one when trying to solve a problem or make a decision.
  • Must have the stamina to stand for long hours at the operating table, often without any type of break. Shifts often last longer than eight hours.
  • Work hours could include nights, weekends and holidays.
  • In the operating room, must be able to withstand objectionable sights and smells.
  • Must have the ability to work under pressure effectively and efficiently in a fast-paced environment.
  • Must display professional, responsible and accountable attitude and behavior.
  • Must be able to multitask


  • Knowledge of Microsoft products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) is required
  • Good computer skills and aptitude is required.