Surgical Trainer/Senior Surgical Trainer (Rodent)

Job Summary: The Surgical Trainer (Rodent) provides training, in both hands on and lecture format, in a wide variety of mouse perioperative techniques and surgical procedures for internal and external trainees. In addition to training, the incumbent is responsible for assisting in the development and refinement of the surgical techniques. The Surgical Trainer works to develop and refine their proficiency as a trainer, advance their surgical skills and expand their expertise in perioperative procedures (e.g. anesthesia, pain assessments, aseptic technique). Full training support will be provided to the incumbent candidate.

Certifications: Surgical Trainers are provided with support and encouraged to pursue certifications through the Academy of Surgical Research (SRT, SRS) and the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (ALAT, LAT, LATG).

Key Responsibilities:
– Training: Provides and documents surgical training in a wide variety of mouse surgical techniques and perioperative procedures (e.g. anesthesia, pain assessments, aseptic technique, post operative care).
– Surgery: Performs surgical procedures for surgical training or refinement/development purposes and executes all related surgical tasks such as pre-operative health assessment, providing safe and effective anesthesia, administering and recording correct dosage of medications, monitoring intra-operative vitals, ensuring successful anesthetic recovery. Additionally, maintains accurate, consistent, and complete surgical documentation.
– Works to develop and refine training proficiency, advance surgical skills and expand expertise in perioperative procedures.
– Assists in the development/refinement of surgical techniques.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
– Demonstrated ability to work with rodents.
– Demonstrated ability to provide mentorship and/or training.
– Ability to aseptically perform surgeries on mice while working under a microscope.
– Must possess strong written and oral interpersonal skills to work in a high profile environment which permit the clear and effective exchange of information with people representing a wide diversity of disciplines and levels of technical skill.
– Possess a strong attention to detail along with patience and flexibility to adjust teaching approaches and techniques that accommodate students with different capabilities, skill levels and levels of confidence.
– Ability to work in a fast-paced work environment while maintaining a positive attitude.
– Must have good working knowledge of Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Teams, Word, and Excel.
– Ability to work a flexible work schedule.
– Ability to perform confident, responsible animal handling and a variety of biomethods.
– Proven and consistent high level of attention to detail.
– Actively seeks to improve skills, facilitate learning, and understand job related items.

Pay Range: $23.27 – $45.71/hr ($48,401-95,086) based on years of prior related experience