Curious George Goes to The Podium


Nose Cone vs Intubated Ventilation During Open Chest Surgery in Rats – Nina Krutrök, AstraZeneca The aim of this study was to investigate if nose cone ventilation is comparable to endotracheal intubation. The latter is the most common approach for air delivery to rats undergoing open chest surgery for cardiovascular research during for example induction of myocardial infarction or epicardial injections. This method of air delivery is technically challenging leading to prolonged procedures and increased risk of endotracheal complications such as laryngeal damage and laryngeal edema, oral pharyngeal and/or tracheal laceration due to multiple intubation attempts. Nose cone ventilation is a [...]

Curious George Goes to The Podium2024-03-18T04:28:35-05:00

Fear of Neuromuscular Blocking Drugs (NMBD’s)? Let It Go, Let It Go? From Poison Arrows to Modern Day Paralytic Anesthesia


Keynote Speaker – Dr. Scott Adrian, DVM Principal Veterinarian – Charles River Laboratories, Safety Assessment Mattawan, MI   For decades, the words “paralytics and neuromuscular blocking drugs” have stricken fear into hearts of IACUCs and animal researchers alike. As if just uttering the words would immediately summon the “demons of a regulatory inspection”.  Obviously, these fears have a basis in legitimate animal welfare concerns, and an animal should never be unjustifiably subjected to pain, distress, or discomfort without analgesic compensation and the ability to communicate that suffering should our mitigation efforts prove inadequate.  Besides the significant physiologic and anesthetic properties that [...]

Fear of Neuromuscular Blocking Drugs (NMBD’s)? Let It Go, Let It Go? From Poison Arrows to Modern Day Paralytic Anesthesia2024-03-18T04:28:36-05:00

Refinement of Minipig Surgical Procedures


The importance of refinement does not need to be discussed; however, it is equally important to share the advances made with the community. At times individual refinements might be small and of little impact but over time they add up and improve a procedure considerably. In this presentation the advancements of surgical procedures performed in Göttingen Minipigs over the last few years are summed up and discussed. The following procedures are addressed: LVP Telemetry by left sided Thoracotomy: This procedure has ben refined in a way that with larger Minipigs only one incision is necessary. With other adjustments we brought down [...]

Refinement of Minipig Surgical Procedures2022-12-20T07:54:34-06:00

Surgical Anesthetic Preparation in the Juvenile NHP


Due to the high demand for NHP’s as research models, and the disruptions that Covid 19 created amongst the suppliers of NHP’s, we have been dealing with a downward trend in the range of body weights in our surgical animals. 4 to 5 years ago, the average size of an NHP that we would be performing a surgical procedure on was around 3.5 kgs. Now, we are routinely performing major surgical procedures on animals from 1.5 kgs to 2.5 kgs. These smaller animals are technically juveniles and they can have different anesthetic needs. This change in size of the animal can [...]

Surgical Anesthetic Preparation in the Juvenile NHP2022-09-27T10:16:23-05:00
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