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Do you want to increase your knowledge of anesthetics, analgesics or surgery? Is being viewed as an expert in your field something you desire?

If you wish to further develop your professional career and experience personal growth as well, then achieving a certification as a surgical research anesthetist, technician, or specialist is for you! Gaining certification shows a commitment to the responsible use of animals in surgical research and a dedication to maintaining the highest level of animal welfare. A certification also highlights to regulatory bodies, such as IACUCs and AAALAC, that you’ve been properly trained and are the right person for the job.

Check out all three certification options to determine the best path for you and your career!

“My interest in surgical research is ultimately what drew me from clinical veterinary practice to the laboratory animal field. I discovered the Academy of Surgical Research during my post-doctoral training, during which I began the process of obtaining Surgical Research Specialist (SRS) certification. In my role as a laboratory animal veterinarian, I collaborate with physicians and scientists to develop and implement surgical models for basic and preclinical research. I am continuously seeking to refine surgical and anesthetic techniques, as well as provide training and education to research and technical staff. These goals are in-line with the mission of the Academy of Surgical Research, which offers a fantastic platform for connecting with and learning from others within the field. Achieving SRS certification has been an incredibly rewarding experience as I move forward in my career as a laboratory animal veterinarian.”

Natalie Fogarty, VMD, SRS, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“I discovered my passion for anesthesia back in 2010 during a class where things did not go according to the plan, and several complications were encountered. At the end of the day, the animal woke up fine due to amazing teamwork and exceptional leadership from the anesthetist in charge. That experience may have been traumatizing to many others, since anesthesia is often a source of fear, but instead, it pushed me to learn more and dive into this amazing world. Further, I lead my career and studies seeking to deepen my knowledge in anesthesia and pain management. I started in the companion animal domain and recently discovered the laboratory animals’ universe. I was introduced to the Academy of Surgical Research by colleagues at work and encouraged to apply for the SRA certification. The process was an astonishing experience and revealed opportunities for career growth and improvement, in addition to networking among distinguished professionals in the field. On top of passing the SRA certification I earned the Barry Sauer award, which solidified and rewarded my efforts, allowed me to progress my career and to improve the anesthetic care provided to our animals.”

Marina Cayetano Evangelista, MV, MSc, PhD, SRA, Charles River Laboratories

Mentorship Program

The Academy of Surgical Research Mentorship Program aims to further enable ASR members, both those starting out as well as seasoned individuals, to grow and lead as effective professionals by providing meaningful one-on-one mentoring relationships.

Each mentee and mentor pair will design a shared goal/outcome for their partnership to be completed during a period of up to one-year mentorship. A few examples of possible goals for a mentorship could be:

  • A mentee that is new to the field of surgical research and seeking guidance on development and career paths.
  • A mentee planning to sit for one of the certification exams and seeking guidance from a certified member on the process from the application, what/how to study and taking the exam itself.
  • A mentee looking to develop a new surgical model and seeking guidance from a certified surgeon with significant experience in that particular model or area of surgery.
Academy of Surgical Research Mentorship Program


*Both Mentee and Mentors must be current ASR members in good standing.

Our Mentors have a broad base of experience. To provide a high quality program, mentee and mentor pairs will be matched according to their fields, experience and goals as outlined in the application process. Mentees have to be employed for at least one year within the surgical research field or have relevant experience before being admitted to the program. Mentors will be significantly experienced in the field the mentee is requesting and will be assigned to only one mentee at a time. Mentees are required to pay a $20 registration fee to confirm his/her spot in the cohort.


Mentee and mentor pairs enter into a commitment lasting up to one year. After the initial orientation session, pairs are encouraged to meet monthly; however; timetables should be predetermined to best suit the needs of the pair and to accomplish the goal/outcome. The expectation is for pairs to meet at least three times. Meetings can be face to face (if in the same area), via teleconferences, or via whatever media works for each pair

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