Courses & Certifications

The following is a brief summary of the certification levels offered through the Academy.

Surgical Research Anesthetist


The SRA certification is intended for the technician who works as an anesthetist who also has responsibilities as part of the surgical team that include aseptic preparation and peri-operative care of surgical patients.

Surgical Research Technician


The SRT certification is intended for technicians who perform minor surgical procedures, such as peripheral vessel cannulation, indwelling pump implantation, subcutaneous implantation, etc.

Surgical Research Specialist


The SRS certification is intended for the surgeon who performs major surgical procedures, such as those which penetrate a body cavity, or orthopedic manipulations, vessel and/or nerve anastomosis, etc.

Holding Multiple Certifications

The SRA certification may be held in conjunction with either the SRT or SRS certification. However, the SRS and SRT certifications cannot be held simultaneously since the SRS certification builds on knowledge required for the SRT level, and therefore supersedes it.

It is not necessary to obtain the SRT certificate prior to sitting for the SRS exam.

Mentorship Program

The Academy of Surgical Research Mentorship Program aims to further enable ASR members, both those starting out as well as seasoned individuals, to grow and lead as effective professionals by providing meaningful one-on-one mentoring relationships.

Each mentee and mentor pair will design a shared goal/outcome for their partnership to be completed during a period of up to one-year mentorship. A few examples of possible goals for a mentorship could be:

  • A mentee that is new to the field of surgical research and seeking guidance on development and career paths.
  • A mentee planning to sit for one of the certification exams and seeking guidance from a certified member on the process from the application, what/how to study and taking the exam itself.
  • A mentee looking to develop a new surgical model and seeking guidance from a certified surgeon with significant experience in that particular model or area of surgery.
Academy of Surgical Research Mentorship Program


*Both Mentee and Mentors must be current ASR members in good standing.

Our Mentors have a broad base of experience. To provide a high quality program, mentee and mentor pairs will be matched according to their fields, experience and goals as outlined in the application process. Mentees have to be employed for at least one year within the surgical research field or have relevant experience before being admitted to the program. Mentors will be significantly experienced in the field the mentee is requesting and will be assigned to only one mentee at a time. Mentees are required to pay a $20 registration fee to confirm his/her spot in the cohort.


Mentee and mentor pairs enter into a commitment lasting up to one year. After the initial orientation session, pairs are encouraged to meet monthly; however; timetables should be predetermined to best suit the needs of the pair and to accomplish the goal/outcome. The expectation is for pairs to meet at least three times. Meetings can be face to face (if in the same area), via teleconferences, or via whatever media works for each pair

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