Descriptions and details for the different types of sessions are listed in the tabs.  If you have any questions, please contact Kathi Schlieff at 763.235.6482 or for assistance.

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Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday, August 27, 2021

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Content Types:

If you have questions about media format, preparation and suggested best-practices BEFORE submitting your topic for review, please reach out to and a member of their team will be happy to connect with you. Please use subject line: “ASR Virtual Meeting – Abstract Submission”

We welcome submissions that report research related to the science of experimental surgery at any level. Contributed Scientific Sessions are scheduled for authors to present for a 30 minute time slot during a live webinar session: 25 minutes are allocated for presentation content with 5 minutes for questions. Individually submitted contributed abstracts will be grouped together to create sessions organized around a common theme.  While we intend to host all Scientific Sessions live during the virtual meeting, it is possible to prerecord your presentation material if you have a scheduling conflict.  The use of a webcam during the lecture is strongly encourage but optional and up to the discretion of the speaker.  Leading up to the virtual meeting a member of the InsideScientific Team will connect with you to conduct a mandatory “tech-check”.  This session will ensure you can connect to the virtual event platform and that the audience will be able to see and hear you clearly.

Surgical & Lab Methods Presentations focus on procedure, best-practices and the technical nature of performing specific surgical methods or laboratory methods in successfully.  As such, presentation materials do not focus on scientific intent, results or conclusions.  If submitting a Surgical & Lab Methods presentation, the speaker/presenter is responsible to prepare all required and relevant media to support instruction on their submitted topic.  Media types should including images and video as required.  Media can be embedded in the presenters PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) file so it can be easily replayed and “talked-over” during the presentation, or, the presenter may prepare a full pre-recorded video of their surgical and lab methods instructions for replay to the audience during the virtual meeting.

The poster session provides an opportunity to present your topic to meeting attendees as a direct on-demand video.  Authors will be able to provide their preferred contact information and supporting online information about their research as a means to connect with interested viewers. We recommend authors illustrate their findings by preparing a short PowerPoint presentation (PPT or PPTX) with the four required sections; however, if authors prefer to upload a traditional single page poster they may do so.  Guidelines and a template will be provided for creating your PowerPoint presentation if you choose this option.  The duration of pre-recorded poster must be 10-15 minutes.

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