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The annual meeting of the Academy of Surgical Research has now concluded, but the on-demand agenda will be available starting October 20th, 2021.

If you are looking to earn CEU credits, please watch all content BEFORE November 30th, 2021.
Certificates will be provided in 3 waves:

  • October 15th – All CEU Credits earned during the live meeting will be sent to attendees.
  • October 29th – An update of CEU Credits earned for on-demand viewing will be sent.
  • December 8th – A FINAL update of CEU Credits for on-demand viewing will be sent.

Ticket sales and registration will also remain open for those that would like to view the on-demand content and earn CEUs.

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Topic Suggestions

  • Animal models
  • Cardiovascular
  • General, soft tissue
  • Orthopedic
  • Dermatological
  • Ophthalmic
  • Transplantation
  • Education, policy, ethics, or regulation
  • Other

Featured Presentations

Tim Hacker, PhD

Top-to-Bottom Pressure-Volume Loops in Mice
Timothy Hacker, PhD

This presentation will address anesthesia, intubation, carotid catheterization, PV catheter placement, volume alteration and wound closure in a mouse model.  If time permits, open chest PV loops will be addressed as well.

Yelena Akelina

Microsurgical Methods: End-to-End Anastomosis and Jugular Vein Cannulation
Yelena Akelina, DVM, MS

This presentation will address some microsurgical suturing techniques in vessels, as well as some common tips & tricks for jugular vein cannulations for infusion protocols.

Elizabeth Carter

Large Animal Bypass Setup: Tips, Tricks, & Equipment
Elizabeth (Liisa) Carter SRS, CVT, ALAT

This presentation will address the general setup, equipment requirements, and tips & tricks to having a successful bypass procedure in a large animal model.

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Inflammatory Responses With Left Ventricular Compromise After Myocardial Infarcts in Sheep

Hylton Gordon, DVM – Assistant Professor of Comparative Medicine and Surgery, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Novel Techniques for Wound Management in the Non-Human Primate

Leslie J. Stoll, SRS, LATG, RVT, AS – Lead Surgical Technician, Charles River Laboratories

Ergonomic Rodent Surgery Suite

Arlene de Castro, BA, CVT, SRA, LATg & Marcie Donnelly, BS, SRA, LATg–  Bristol Myers Squibb

Development of a Peri-operative Care Regime for Craniotomy in the Dog: Training and Competency of Technical Staff

Kate Read, MA, VetMB, MRCVS, CertAVP – Covance, UK

Rabbits: A Challenging Intrathecal Model

Frederick Emond – Principal Research Surgeon, Charles River Laboratories

A Novel Method for Surgical Placement of Respiratory Impedance Leads for the Physio-Tel L-11R Telemetry Device in a Non-Human Primate

Leslie J. Stoll, SRS, LATG, RVT, AS – Lead Surgical Technician, Charles River Laboratories

Refinements of Jugular Vein Catheterization with Vascular Access Button in Mice

Andree Lapierre, BS, RLATg, CMAR, SRS – Manager Surgical Services, The Jackson Laboratory

Gallbladder Access Port in the NHP

Jon Ehrmann BS, SRS, SRA, LATg – Senior Science and Technology Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb

A Video Review of Rat Jugular Vein Cannulation Utilizing the Instech Laboratories Vascular Access Button

Amy Martunas, CVT, RLATG, SRA, SRT – Global Director, Preclinical Application Support, Instech Laboratories

Development of Long-Term Cecal Catheterization For Repeated Infusions in Miniature Swine

Emily Callahan, DVM – Staff Veterinarian, Sinclair Research

Ergonomic Evaluation of Surgical Staff and Models

Stephanie Vaughan – Labcorp

Virtual Surgical Training Between Two Contract Research Organization Teams

Andris Lelkes – Labcorp

The Performance of Infrared Thermography and Thermal Stress Test in Perforator Mapping and Flap Monitoring – A Diagnostic Accuracy Meta-analysis

Djamila Rojoa, MD – Doctor, Leicester Royal Infirmary

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Cancellation requests received after 5:00PM (Central Time) on September 13th, 2021 will require justification and explanation behind the reason for cancellation. Refunds will be granted at the discretion of ASR, less any expenses incurred by ASR. Refunds will not be granted for no-shows. Registrants assume responsibility for notification to and verification of receipt by the ASR Headquarters.  Please send your refund requests to info@surgicalresearch.org.

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