ASR Awards

Annually the Academy invites members to nominate and recognize administrators and managers that have made contributions to either the Academy itself or have made contributions to the field of experimental surgery.

The C. William Hall Outstanding Publication Award acknowledges excellence in research endeavors as reported in manuscripts and abstracts published in the Journal of Investigative Surgery during the year.

Past Awardees:

Dr. Jan Bernal, Dr. Scott Adrian, Dr. Heather Burkart, Dr. Michael Laffins
“Guideline for Vascular Port use and Maintenance in Large Animals for Biomedical Research”

Lucas A. Mutch
“Long-Term Management of Vascular Access Ports in Nonhuman Primates Used in Preclinical Efficacy and Tolerability Studies.” Journal of Investigative Surgery (2018): 1-12.

David Moddrelle, SRS
(RxGen/ St. Kitts Biomedical Research Foundation)
“Cranial Access for the Delivery of Biotinylated Dextran Amine (BDA) Neural Tracers into the Motor Cortex Following a T10 Hemicompression of the Spinal Cord to Produce a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), in the Caribbean Green Monkey”. The 33rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Surgical Research, October 4-6, 2017, Las Vegas, NV. Published in Journal of Investigative Surgery, 2018 Mar 24:1-3 (ASR-17-5).

M Michael Swindle and Alison C Smith
“Best Practices for Performing Experimental Surgery in Swine” (Appeared in #2 JIS 2013)

Andri Lederer, Daniel Seehofer, Anja Schirmeier, Shirin Levasseur, Martin Stockmann, Andreas K Nussier, Michael D Menger, Peter Neuhaus and Nada Rayes
“Postoperative Bile Leakage Inhibits Liver Regeneration After 70% Hepatectomy in Rats” (Appeared in #1, JIS 2013)

Tracie Rindfield, Steve McBrian
Assisted Ventilation without Endotracheal Intubation in Rats. Journal of Investigative Surgery Vol 25, No 3, Pgs 197-199, 2012

Brandon C. Perry, Douglas Soltys, Alexander H. Toledo, Luis H. Toledo-Pereyra
Tumor Necrosis Factor-a in Liver Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury. Journal of Investigative Surgery Vol 24, No 4, Pgs 178-188, 2011

H. Daneshvar, T. Edwards, K. Voss, K. Landis, T. Gleason, P. Atterson
Cardiovascular assessment in radiotelemetry-implanted pregnant rats. Journal of Investigative Surgery 24, 25-33, 2011

P. Cotogni, R. Bini, A. Trombetta, G. Olivero
Pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate modulates HSP70, iNOS, and apoptosis during hemorrhagic shock resuscitation in rates. Journal of Investigative Surgery 23, 307-314, 2010

Kongrit Cheyasatew MD, Adam Schaffer, MD, Ian T. Jackson MD and Vijay Mittal, MD, MS
Comparing FK-506 with Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (b-FGF) on the Repair of a Peripheral Nerve Defect Using an Autogenous Vein Bridge Model

R.O. Giovanardi, MD, PhD, E.L. Rhoden, MD, PhD, C.T. Cerski, MD, PhD, M. Salvador, PhD, A.N. Kahil, MD, PhD
Ischemic Preconditioning Protects the Pig Liver by Preserving the Mitochondrial Structure and Downregulating Caspase-3 Activity

Alexander H. Toledo, MD and Luis H. Toledo-Pereyra, MD, PhD
Evaluation of a Novel Cold Storage Solution (HBS) in a Rat Kidney Transplant Model

Dalokay Kilic, MD; Adem Gungor, MD; Sevket Kavukcu, MD; Ilker Okten MD; Hadi Akay, MD
Comparison of Mersilene Mesh-Methyl Metacrylate Sandwich and Polytetraflouroethylene Grafts for Chest Wall Reconstruction

Rainer J. Egli, MD; Carsten Wingenfeld, MD; Martin Hölzle, MD; Axel Hempfing, MD; Christian R. Fraitzl, MD; Reinhold Ganz, MD; Michael Leunig, MD
Histopathology of Cryopreserved Bone Allo- and Isografts: Pretreatment with Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Roberto Anaya-Prado, MD, MSc; Luis H. Toledo-Pereyra, MD, PhD; R.F. Guo, MD; J. Reuben, PhD; Peter Ward, MD; J. Walsh, MD.
The Attenuation of Hemorrhage-Induced Liver Injury by Exogenous Nitric Oxide, L-Arginine, and Inhibition of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase

Jon Taveau, DO, MS; Michele Tartaglia, DO; Dana Buchannan, DO; Bret Smith, DO, MS; George Koenig, DO, MS; Kevin Thomfohrde, DO; Bruce Stouch, MS; Saul Jeck, DO; and Charlotte Greene, PhD.
Regeneration of Uterine Horn Using Porcine Small Intestinal Submucosa Grafts in Rabbits

Sheldon J. Bond, MD, Scott Klein, MD, PhD, Gary L. Anderson, PhD, Amy Kennedy, BA
The Effect of a Broad-Spectrum Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitor on Characteristics of Wound Healing

R. Matthew Smith, Yongliang Chen, Gregory J. McKenna, Christopher Ong, Ruimin Zhang, and Stephen W. Chung
Prolongation of Heterotopic Heart Allograft Survival by Portal Cenous Injecton of Alloantigen: The Role of Hepatic Nonparenchymal Cells

Hans-Ullrich Spiegel
Organ Preservation with EC, HTK, and UW, Solution in Orthotopic Rat Liver Transplantation Part II

H.A. Benghuzzi and P.K. Bajpai
Sustained Delivery of Difluoromethylomithine (DFMO) by Means of Implantable Ceramic Devices

C.E. Campbell and A.F. von Recum
Microtopography and Soft Tissue Response

P. Svedman, C. Svedman, and T. Njalsson
Epithelialization and Blood Flow in Suction Blister Wounds on Healthy Volunteers

D.L. Powers, P.A. Jacob, and M.J. Drews
Anatomical Reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament in Goats

J.S. Thompson and E.M.M. Quigley
Motor and Absorptive Function of the Canine Intestine Following Serosal Patching: The Effects of a Lateral Enterotomy on Small Intestinal Myoelectric Activity

J.A. Szivek, E.M. Johnson, and F.P. Magee
In Vivo Strain Analysis of the Greyhound Femoral Diaphysis

A.K. Qayumi, W.R.E. Jamieson, A. Poostizadeh, E. Germann, and K.D. Gillespie
Comparison of New Iron Chelating Agents in the Prevention of Ischemia / Reperfusion Injury: A Swine Model of Heart-Lung Transplantation

J.S. Abraham, F.R. Bentley, and R.N. Garrison
Calcium Channel Blockade in Rats with Cyclosporin-Induced Vasoconstriction

K.E. Rodger, W. Girgis, J.D. Campeau, and G.S. diZerega
Reduction of Adhesion Formation by Intraperitoneal Administration of Anti-Inflammatory Peptide 2

This honor was established in 1986 as the Jacob Markowitz Award and has now been re-appointed the Vince Mendenhall Award in 2023. Dr. Vince Mendenhall is a pioneer in the field of experimental surgery. Dr. Mendenhall received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Colorado State University (CSU) in 1968 and his Ph.D. in Experimental (Pre-Clinical) Surgery/Comparative Anatomy/Physiology also from CSU in 1981. He is known worldwide for his innovative surgical techniques in all surgical specialties. He has presented the results of his developmental and definitive work at 186 national and international peer reviewed meetings, published 12 book chapters, and 29 referred publications.

Past Awardees:

  • Dr. Jose Diaz, 2023
  • Dr. Tony L. Yaksh, PhD, 2022
  • Dr. Luis H. Toledo-Pereyra, MD, PhD, 2021
  • Dr. William G. Rodkey, DVM, 2019
  • H. Vince Mendenhall, DVM, PhD, 2017
  • Dr. James Cook, 2016
  • David Stoloff, DVM, MS, DACVS, 2014
  • C. Wayne McIlwraith, BVSc, PhD, DSc, FRCVS, Diplomate ACVS, 2013
  • Steven P. Arnoczky DVM, 2010
  • Paul Flecknell, 2009
  • Mark Evers, 2005
  • Andreas F. Von Recum, 2004
  • Michael Swindle, 2003
  • Wade O. Brinker, 2001
  • Thomas J. Fogarty, 2001
  • Harry J. Buncke, 2000
  • Basil Hirschowitz, 1999
  • Hiram C. Polk, Jr., 1998
  • Leon Goldman, 1997
  • Georg Heberer, 1996
  • Henry Swan, 1996
  • Judah Folkman, 1995
  • C. Walton Lillehei, 1994
  • Erle E. Peacock, 1993
  • C. William Hall, 1992
  • Charles O. Bechtol, 1991
  • Norman Shumway, 1990
  • Robert W. Dougherty, 1989
  • Thomas E. Starzl, 1989
  • Michael DeBakey, 1988
  • Ake Senning, 1988
  • Adam Wesolow, 1988
  • Charles A. Hufnagel, 1987
  • William V. Lumb, 1987
  • Philip N. Sawyer, 1986

The Academy of Surgical Research presents the Barry Sauer Award to the student with the highest SRS, SRA, and SRT exam score.

Past Awardees:


  • Marina Cayetano and David Ozuna, 2023
  • Brittany Pavlinsky, 2022
  • Zahara Yee, 2021
  • Alex MacLeod, 2019
  • Alexandria Waller, 2018
  • Evan Pagano, 2017
  • Nina Bishop, 2016
  • Renee Hlavka, 2015
  • Stephanie Phillips, 2015
  • Sarah Smith, 2014
  • Denise Corliss, 2013
  • Colleen McGilton, 2012
  • Tricia Galassi, 2011
  • Andrea Knipe, 2010
  • Joseph Altemus, 2009
  • Karen Richmond-Mato, 2008
  • Jon Ehrmann, 2007
  • Lindsay Vinkemeier, 2006


  • Daniel Turner, 2022
  • Stephanie Vaughan, 2021
  • Hannah Tan, 2019
  • Adrian Zeltner, 2018
  • Janelle Pierce, 2017
  • Jill Johnson, 2016
  • Mary Ann Perkins, 2015
  • Tiah Marie Schwartz, 2014
  • Michael Sheets, 2013
  • Nikki Gattuccio, 2012
  • Katherine Drouin, 2011
  • Shane Tackitt, 2010
  • Elizabeth Carter, 2009
  • Jeannine Hange, 2008
  • Kimberly Ray, 2007
  • Janelle VanMiddleworth, 2006


  • Natalie Forgarty, 2023
  • Stephanie Caron and Renee Hlavka Lock, 2022
  • Dalton Tracey, 2021
  • Janelle Pierce, 2019
  • Eric Herrmann, 2018
  • Gayle Nugent, 2017
  • Michael Horsman, 2016
  • Janet Herrada, 2015
  • Bernhard Baumgartner, 2014
  • Andree Lapierre, 2013
  • Amy Christine, 2012
  • Janelle Gesaman, 2012
  • Shane Tackitt, 2012
  • Elizabeth Carter, 2011
  • Liane Pinkos, 2010
  • Pam Broussard, 2009
  • Jon Ehrmann, 2009
  • James McCabe, 2008
  • Allison Parlapiano, 2007
  • Amy Townsend, 2006
  • Christie Cunningham, 2005
  • Jenifer Sweet, 2004
  • Morag Mackay, 2003
  • Leslie Stoll, 2002
  • Deborah Moody, 2001
  • Pamela McLawhon, 2001
  • Randall Pielemeier, 2000
  • Teresa Gleason, 1999
  • Barbara Huibregtse, 1998
  • Leon Goldman, 1997

In 2023, this award was changed to the Stephen Vore Award. Dr. Stephen Vore was was an honored member of the Academy of Surgical Research for outstanding service to the membership. Dr. Vore earned his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University. Dr. Vore was an active member of the ASR from 1994 – 2021, and 2-Term President in 2002 and 2003. It was during these years as President that Dr. Vore virtually kept the Academy “alive”. The Academy was struggling financially and was experiencing an absence of leadership to which he willingly stepped up to direct, oversee and support the Academy and with his talents and wisdom.

Past Awardees:

  • Jim and Kathi Manke, 2023
  • Melanie Graham, MPH, PhD, 2022
  • Lisa Johnson, SRS, RLATg, BA, 2021
  • Heather Bogie, BS, CVT, SRS, RLATG, 2019
  • Teresa Gleason, SRS, BS, LVT, LATG, 2018
  • Jon Ehrmann, SRS, SRA, LATg, 2017
  • Tracy Ziegelhoffer, 2016
  • Ken MacLeod, 2015
  • Jan Bernal, DVM, 2014
  • Randy Pielemeier,SRS, LVT, LATG, 2013
  • Steve Hachtman, 2012
  • Tom Long, 2011
  • Luis Toledo-Pereyra, 2009
  • Jacob Kissinger, 2008
  • Michael Talcott, 2007
  • Kimberly Bayer, 2006
  • Matthew Flegal, 2005
  • Stephen Vore, 2004
  • Douglas Cromeens, 2003
  • Vince Mendenhall, 2002
  • Karim Qayumi, 2001
  • Norm Bayne, 2000
  • Roberta Sonnino, 1999
  • Dennis Powers, 1998
  • Michael DeLeo, 1997
  • Michael Swindle, 1996
  • Ron Banks, 1995
  • Melvin Dennis, 1994
  • P. K. Bajpai, 1993
  • Dennis Powers, 1992
  • Phil Sawyer, 1991
The Michael DeLeo award is presented to the individual that receives the highest score in the poster competition at our annual meeting. The poster committee scores the poster based on abstract, methodology and conclusions, as well as an oral presentation. After careful consideration the panel of judges scores each poster and the average of three scores is calculated. The highest score is announced at the awards luncheon and that individual is presented with the Michael DeLeo award.

Past Awardees:

  • Nina Krutrok, 2023
    “Nose Cone vs Intubated Ventilation During Open Chest Surgery in Rats”
  • Michele Danielson, 2022
    The Use of Injection Ports for Intrathecal Administration: The Mouse Ommaya (the Top Hat Port)”
  • Emily Callahan, 2021
    “Development of Long-Term Cecal Catheterization For Repeated Infusions in Miniature Swine”
  • Lena Medina, RLATG, 2020
    “Refining Rodent Vascular Access”  – Watch Video
  • John P. Carney, MBA, 2019
    “Development of a Novel Expandable Graft for Repair of Congenital Heart Defects”
  • Darcy Gagne, ScM (MS), SRS, RLATG, CVT, 2018
    “Microporous Polysaccharide Hemosphere (MPH)-Based Surgical Hemostat Powder Does Not Interfere with Healing When Applied to a Surgically-Created Ovine Bone Defect”
  • Krista Schutt, 2018
    “Comparative Analysis of Hemostatic Agents in a Porcine Liver Biopsy Model”
  • Andree Lapierre, BS, CMAR, SRS, 2017
    “Evaluation of Two Surgical Models of Renal Failure in the Mouse: 3/4 and 5/6 Nephrectomy”
  • Shawn Kozlov, 2016
    “Surgical Approach to Creating an Adjustable Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) in a Pig for MRI Perfusion Studies”
  • Marcus Carvalho, 2015
    “Local And Systemic Effects Of Fibrin* And Octyl-Cyanoacrylate** Adhesives Applied To Lung Lesions In Rabbits”
  • Brian Hanks, DVM, MS, ACLAM, 2014
    “Short-Acting & Long-Acting Buprenorphine Therapeutic Drug Levels Following Single Subcutaneous Administration in Diabetic Yucatan Miniswine”
  • Justin Prater, SRA, BS, 2013
    “Endoscopic Placement Of A Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Feeding Tube In Juvenile Swine”
  • Michelle Lewis, 2012
    “Development of a Porcine Model to Study the Metabolic Consequences of Bile Diversion”
  • Nance Moran, 2011
    “Development Of An Arthroscopic In Situ Polymerization Technique For Cartilage Defect Repair In Goats”
  • Lisa Johnson, A. Murphy, J. Doherty, M. Wadanoli, 2010
    “Comparison of Buprenorphine and Fentanyl Transdermal Patch for Analgesia in New Zealand White (NZW) Rabbits Undergoing Unilateral Ulna Ostectomy”
  • Allison S. Parlapiano, Christopher Loewrigkeit, Carol Ann Keohane, Denise Visco, Emily Hickey, 2009
    “5/6 Nephrectomy: Comparison of Two Surgical Techniques in Male Sprague-Dawley Rat”
    Allison S. Parlapiano, Merck & Co, Department of Central Pharmacology, Rahway, NJ
  • Teresa Gleason, 2008
    “Ambulatory Continuous Intravenous Infusion Model for Pregnant Dutch Belted Rabbits”
    T. Gleason, T. Edwards, W. Miller, E. Sloter, D. Stump, C. Chengelis, WIL Research Laboratories, LLC, Ashland, OH
  • Timothy Edwards, 2007
    “Fluid Percussion: A Surgical Model of Brain Trauma in the Rat”
    T.R. Edwards, T.R. Gleason, C.P. Chengelis, A.E. Radovsky, M.T. Herberth, WIL Research Laboratories, LLC
  • Scott Wingerter, 2006 (First Place)
    “Comparison of Two Different Fixation Techniques for a Segmental Defect in a Rat Femur Model”
    Scott Wingerter, Graham Calvert, Michelle Tucci, Audrey Tsao, George Russell and Hamed Benghuzzi
  • Laura Franklin, 2006 (Second Place)
    “The Effects Of Growth Factors On Cellular Phospholipids”
    Laura Franklin, ShaDonna Jefferson, Michelle Tucci, Hamed Benghuzzi, and Rodney Baker, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS
  • Tina Martin, 2006 (Third Place)
    “Comparison of Bolus Administration of L-Dopa with Sustained Delivery of L-Dopa on dopaminergic neurons”
    Tina Martin, Hamed Benghuzzi and Michelle Tucci, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS

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