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Refinement of Minipig Surgical Procedures


The importance of refinement does not need to be discussed; however, it is equally important to share the advances made with the community. At times individual refinements might be small and of little impact but over time they add up and improve a procedure considerably. In this presentation the advancements of surgical procedures performed in Göttingen Minipigs over the last few years are summed up and discussed. The following procedures are addressed: LVP Telemetry by left sided Thoracotomy: This procedure has ben refined in a way that with larger Minipigs only one incision is necessary. With other adjustments we brought down [...]

Refinement of Minipig Surgical Procedures2022-12-20T07:54:34-06:00

Liver Regeneration Model in Cynomolgus Monkeys


Introduction: About 41,260 new cases (28,600 in men and 12,660 in women) over liver cancer will be diagnosed in 2022 according to the American Cancer Society website. A model resecting approximately 60% of the liver by weight in cynomolgus monkeys is valuable in evaluating potential therapies that encourage natural regrowth of the liver post resection in human patients. Methods: Spanning three separate studies, a laparotomy was performed on a total of 26 animals, resecting approximately 60% of the total liver volume (by weight) of each animal’s liver. Liver volume was calculated based on historical organ (liver) weights measured at necropsy, determined [...]

Liver Regeneration Model in Cynomolgus Monkeys2022-09-23T14:56:53-05:00
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