Ameroid Band Constrictor-Induced Arterial Occlusion Simulates Peripheral Vascular Disease in a Porcine Model


Introduction: Gradually tightening vascular occluders such as ameroid constrictors are used to model chronic ischemia and may recapitulate human ischemic disease pathophysiology and atherosclerotic plaque progression better than acute ligation. Ultrasonic power Doppler (US-PD) imaging uses Doppler sampling and filtering techniques that significantly increase the sensitivity and specificity of routine sonographic instruments for imaging spatially disorganized patterns of peripheral perfusion without contrast enhancement. Objective: To compare sensitivity of US-PD with dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) techniques for measuring endothelial function and determining vascular perfusion. Methods: Four 6-month-old, castrated male, Yucatan minipigs were operated. A~9 cm incision was made in the [...]