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Nose Cone vs Intubated Ventilation During Open Chest Surgery in Rats – Nina Krutrök, AstraZeneca The aim of this study was to investigate if nose cone ventilation is comparable to endotracheal intubation. The latter is the most common approach for air delivery to rats undergoing open chest surgery for cardiovascular research during for example induction of myocardial infarction or epicardial injections. This method of air delivery is technically challenging leading to prolonged procedures and increased risk of endotracheal complications such as laryngeal damage and laryngeal edema, oral pharyngeal and/or tracheal laceration due to multiple intubation attempts. Nose cone ventilation is a [...]

Curious George Goes to The Podium2024-03-18T04:28:35-05:00

Automated Blood Sampling in a Telemetry Cardiovascular Dog Colony


Speaker - Amanda Wilsey Abbvie   Implementation of Automated Blood Sampling (ABS) allows for uninterrupted cardiovascular data collection with simultaneous blood collection throughout a telemetry dog preclinical study. This reduction shortens study timelines, minimizes CV data artifacts, and considerably reduces compound synthesis and the associated costs. Methods: A colony of telemetry instrumented male beagle dogs were implanted and maintained in-house for non-GLP preclinical cardiovascular safety studies. Evaluation of the ABS telemetry dog cardiovascular model; highlighting the benefits and downfalls of the last seven years since implementing Automated Blood Sampling. Results:  Since 2016, telemetry dogs implanted with transmitters and vascular access ports [...]

Automated Blood Sampling in a Telemetry Cardiovascular Dog Colony2024-03-18T04:28:36-05:00
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