Surgery in Zoo and Wildlife Settings: From the Outback to Balboa Park

4448Neuraxial Drug Delivery: Past, Present and Future

Date: Thursday, September 15, 2022
Time: 8:15 am ET
Duration: 60 Minutes
Room: Salon ABCD
Speaker: Kat Reed
Moderator: Melanie Graham

Surgeries in Zoo and Wildlife settings present unique challenges, from a wide array of anatomic and physical challenges to the n=1 conundrum. Dr. Reed from the San Diego Zoo will share cases she has encountered during her career in Australian wildlife hospitals, aquaria, and now in a large American zoo. With an emphasis on avian orthopedic fracture repair, approaches to surgery and post operative care in non-traditional species (including invertebrates, fish, large carnivores, and megavertebrates) will be discussed.

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Veterinary Clinical Fellow
Veterinary Services
San Diego Zoo Veterinary Services

Kat Reed was born in Colorado and worked as a marine mammal trainer, aquarist, and zookeeper before moving to Australia to get her DVM at the University of Melbourne. Today, Kat is the Veterinary Clinical Fellow with the San Diego Zoo, and is one year into the two year post-residency training program with the ambition of achieving ACZM qualification upon completion of her fellowship.

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